Rating: 3.0

Monster has so many great tracks that this songs sounds like a second rate version of several others.  With that said, when the first rate mid-90s R.E.M. includes What's the Frequency, Bang and Blame, Crush with Eyeliner, (Monster); Everybody Hurts, Drive, Man on the Moon (Automatic for the People), being second rate ain't so bad!

Rating: 3.0

REM making a rock record. The tremelo effect is a bit much but Peter Buck was on a kick during that album, much like an ebow during the new adventures in hi-fi album. oh well. killer rock song.

Rating: 2.21

This seems like 60% of an REM song. It comes off the seminal 1994 effort (Monster) and it's follows all the big crunchy guitar riffs that made the album great, but it falls a bit short for me. Star 69, Kenneth, and Bang and Blame are 100% REM tracks, but I still enjoy this song as a b-side to the listening experience.

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