Rating: 2.0

If I ever was in a discussion and David Johns Fraser said "You have to listen to the new Wilco album, it's amaaaaazing," I would reply with "Wilco, Schmilco."  And you see what they have gone and done?! Taken my insult and turned it against me! Anyway...this is a "What you'd expect from earlier catalog Wilco-light" song. I love the standing bass though.

Rating: 3.3

This Wilco song presents a far more subdued, less experimental Wilco than previous iterations. All the same, the melodies and muscianship including some a subtle slide guitar give us a pop gem that after some listens make pleasant for any one Sunday morning.

Rating: 1.89

Is this our second Wilco song on the countdown? (strum,chick-a,strum,chicka,strum....solo...chick-a,strum) I never was a big Wilco fan which is funny, because I'm still not one now and I guess that's not really funny so nevermind. I mean, this is fine. I respect Wilco, but I'm not sitting in a yard, sipping an iced tea, enjoying watching fireflies right now, so mmmmeeeehhhhhh, pass.

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