Rating: 3.0

If this was a rating meant to convey my opinions of the entire FOTC catalog, a 4.0 would be easy to throw out there and warranted.  This, however is not one of my favorite songs of theirs, but still pretty darn good.  Side note: gone are the days when HBO produced comedy series that were no more ambitious than to get a good laugh out of the audience...I'm looking at you, Girls.

Rating: 3.2

Rumor mill has it that these guys will come back for another season or in some capacity. Then again, Steve told me this....Steeeve. Their musical talents coupled with dry kiwi humor match well with trying to sound like a UK synth pop song about the hardtimes of living in the city.

Rating: 3.11

Wonderful. Video is even better. I miss FOTC. Hey man I just want some Mueslix.

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