Rating: 2.0

This is about as good as Depeche Mode gets.  Also about as bad as they get.  All of their jams sound about the same to me and don't make me feel anything positive or negative.  In other words, this, and the entire Depeche Mode catalog, would be wonderful music for elevators worldwide.

Rating: 3.3

Depeche Mode for as much as they are often thought of as an 80s band came were ahead of the 90s electronica scene and added this TBT jam to the scene as a way of saying, "yeah own this."

Rating: 1.5

Never really was a Depeche Mode fan, partly because I used to live with a person who was a HUGE Depeche Mode fan. That being said, "Policy of Truth" is a jammmm, but DM, overall, never really worked for me - and this song - meh.

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