Rating: 3.5

This shit...this shit right here...this shit right here is fucking brilliant!  Can we curse like that on this site? On the nose there are wonderful overtones of 90s rock brilliancy that continues on the palate.  We start with the obvious flavors of Beck, a punch of Blue Album/Pinkerton era Rivers Cuomo, and Cobain's lyrical undertones.  Finishes with just a hint of turn of the century Kweller. Eat that Robert Parker.

Rating: 3.63

The song starts out as a slow acoustic number that develops into a lush arrangement. The lyrics of a trip gone wrong tell a larger story of what existentialism means to "teens of denial"

Rating: 2.75

Ladies and gents, music is about evolution and I think what we have here is the sonic evolution of what happens when you take a down record by Beck, and combine it with Courtney Barnett.

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