Rating: 2.5

Love me some Hot Hot Heat.  I remember seeing these guys at a small club in DC about 6 years ago, and ended up helping them load up their van at like 1 in the morning. ( <- entirely true | not intended to be a factual statement -> ) I'm pretty sure I gave them the idea for this song. (Back to reality) Not on the level of "Middle of Nowhere" or "Goodnight, Goodnight" but still sounding good six years later.

Rating: 3.4

Bouncing summer song with instrospective lyrics of growing up and growing apart. I like the melody and dance inspired bassline. The sweet and the bitter.

Rating: 3.2

Songs like this make me miss those awful, terrible shows like Gossip Girl and The OC. /// Scene: Billy, that kid who just moved to the wealthy part of town from the wrong side of the tracks, walks to the beach party - Hot Hot Heat's "The Kid Who Stays" plays in the background, as Billy grabs a beer, but doesn't notice that it's from Caleb's cooler. A melee ensues...

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