Rating: 2.0

It's a beach weekend and I re-listened to this with my mom. I respect her opinion. She wasn't impressed.  Neither was I.  Her thoughts, "Nothing new. Sounds like something they've already done." We will be kind because we are at the beach...and it's a holiday weekend.

Rating: 3.0

I dunno, its a weird jazz thing song by a band named after a dildo... You cannot imply ownership of a [steely dan]. Never "your" [steely dan]. It is always "a" [steely dan]

Rating: 3.89

I absolutely love this song, which is strange because I thought I knew Steely Dan's entire catalogue. I heard this recently and thought, "whoa wait, what is this from?" It's a sound so unmistakedly theirs, you hear it and think of who it influenced 20 years after it came out. (Looking at you, Jamiroquai).

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