Rating: 2.5

One might call this a "wall of sound" that builds steadily throughout, perhaps the way "Counting Blue Cars" once did in the 90s.  Well, this song sounds nothing like that Dishwalla throwback, but this baby throwback is like The Rapture with a little more punk and a little less pop.  I dig until the last 30 seconds or so, when the wall is just too much.

Rating: 3.2

Starting out lo-fi and then slowly amping up the instrumentation and therefore the intensity is a good move on behalf of Big Talk. The single and the rest of the album Straight in No Kissin' make for a good rock record.

Rating: 2.5

Throwback? To 2015? I didn't know we could do that. Two minutes and fourty seconds is exactly how long this song should be and I'm happy to report it does not dissappoint, in that department. The final note is a tight little bow on a tightly played little song, and it's a single serving of rock that's neither here nor there.

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