Rating: 1.5

Not my favorite song for a Monday morning. Or Tuesday through Sunday for that matter.  If CHVRCHES was a mid-grade beer, this would be like Milwaukee's Best Lite.  I get the whole over-produced synth thing, but while I enjoy the pop driven sound of CHVRCHES, this sounds more like "if you don't like it, well you're just not as hipster as me" music.

Rating: 2.8

The duality of heavy AF guitars, mixed with synths and Alexis Krauss' vox creates this unique space where only Sleigh Bells exists. I am glad bands like this exist but also enjoy how its super limiting. If there were more bands like this it would get bland/old way too fast.

Rating: 1.67

Quintessentially 2017 Los Angeles sound, in that, it's fiiiiiiiine I guess, it's quirky, and it's somewhat smarmy but I have no idea where one listens to this song. I guess as an intro buffer for a reality show about 18 year-old kids in Orange County, but beyond that.... I don't know.

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