Rating: 3.0

 This is Gwen Stefani, right? She's created an alter-ego to combat the Blake Shelton-dating, The Voice-judging, over liposuctioned-face Gwen we've grown to roll our eyes at. I'm a fan of what LP is doing.

Rating: 3.14

Theres a radio edit that sounds pretty different from the album version which leads me to wonder why is it that the track had to be changed to be deemed radio worthy. The radio edit is a bit faster paced, with some standard insert fx that are par for the course with contemporary radio music right now. The weird EDM beat makes it sound like Drake passed on his talk rappping and handed it off to LP. Listen to the original version and hear an artist trying to piece together a relationship that ended when it didnt seem like it was much going on in the first place.

Rating: 2.5

Cool shit. (wait, was that a bird?) Interesting vocal quality. (Is this Gwen?) Love the chord progression. (Whoa, was this recorded in a rainforest?) Wondering why No Doubt never put this on the final mix of "Tragic Kingdom".