Rating: 2.5

It almost sounds like two or three different songs melded into one.  And it works.  I'm not sure any of the elements are enough to tickle my fancy alone, but I like the way they come together.  Solid rock track and a video worth checking out.

Rating: 2.9

High energy album starter for the Maccabees. I really like the swing vibe thrown in the middle of the song. Keeps you on yoru toes. If this song says anything about the band, they're gonna keep making tunes to move your feet to. And theyve the marks to prove it.

Rating: 3.18

Like a good cup of coffee on a muggy August morning, this song is a wonderful sonic shot of espresso to the ears. At times it feels disjointed, but in a good way. I feel like it's almost a harken back to a late-90s Stereophonic's-type sound, and if that was what they were going for, I'm all in.

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