Rating: 3.0

I am not familiar with Lord Huron, but this is a nice introduction.  I imagine this is really great music to listen to when you're in the zone doing something else.  It is pleasant, semi-upbeat and subtle enough to guide you through hours of studying, video editing or whatever else you would need to drudge through.

Rating: 3.1

Making use of the fade-in intro, the song chugs along with a driving back beat that takes some cues from other classics but never sounding like outright theft. I know I should have listened to LH sooner and now this is my excuse.

Rating: 3.01

Lord Huron makes great "end of scene" movie music, but you have to be in a mood for it. I've always liked the arrangement of their tracks, going back to 85% of the first album. Ironically, with the cadence it carries for the full 4+ minutes, this record could have made the first album, so I'm pretty high on this track.

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