Rating: 2.5

Ask yourself one questions, do you like the Old 97s?  If the answer is yes, then you love this track.  If it is no, then you won't.  There isn't much to differentiate this from a great majority of their catalogue, which I am perfectly okay with. Scoring this right down the middle.

Rating: 3.8

I have heard this song like 7-9 times in a row now. It is so damn infectious. You feel Rhett's passion when he inquires if the person in question actually wants more than "some old summer fling." But he also knows the request is fleeting when he acknowledges that sobriety will only lead to disappointment. The music matches the frenetic energy of the vocals.

Rating: 1.85

Meh. A toe tapper, but not much more to me. It reminds me of a plane that perpetually taxis but never takes off.

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