Rating: 3.0

Never heard of these guys before, but my research tells me they've been around, gone and back again. Glad I found them this time around.  I'm digging it and will be digging deeper into their catalog.

Rating: 3.2

2005 Indie darlings Wolf Parade, return from numerous side projects to the one that started it all. Admittedly I never got into them the first time around. In part due to my own ignorance. Their Joy Division roots lead the way with a jam about those who trade in their gifts for extracurriculars. Side note the verse melody has a hint of Gin Blossoms' "Follow you Down" Amirite?

Rating: 3.2

Well this is just a lovely little ditty, now i'd'n'it? I put this on a playlist this weekend, and found myself going back to it a few tiimes. Reminds me (sort of) of older Killers tracks.

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