Rating: 2.5

Two thoughts on this track. 1) It's a small step backwards from "Lydia," with the emphasis on small. Similar in sound, but a little too predictable. 2) Man, these dudes pumped out some new music like their lives depended on it.  Excited to hear more come November.

Rating: 2.1

Fuzz bass with heavy drums. Neat intro too. The song never takes off as much as the convoluted lyrics suggest of flying too close to the sun. Neat melody and i liked the words tumbling on themselves too. But after "Lydia," I was expecting more.

Rating: 2.76

I could do without the 1st and 2nd verse structure and lyrics, because it just thumps so hard with the chorus, and the two seem like such a departure from each other. Also, whenever the latest iteration of Soundgarden decides to break up because Cornell wants to make another Bond film record, this lead singer would be an acceptable substitute.

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