Rating: 2.5

A nice blend of head bopping rock and passive, ambient elevator music.  If you're looking for some background music that will keep you focused on your task while still quite enjoyable, this song will fit right in.

Rating: 3.2

UK acid-ish rock when done well is well done. I really like the ebb and flow of the music while the constant electronic beat comes and goes througout the song providing the overall jam a theme. It sounds a lot like other Manc bands that have come and gone and as stated here before, the difference between homage and theft is fine but in this case, the early years maintain their originality.

Rating: 2.85

Thank god for David Johns' otherworldly music scope. He's really great at picking out that one song or that one band, where you've heard literally NOTHING about, and yet, it's funky, rocking, and evokes images of past sounds and other bands, yet still with a sound all their own. This is a great example.

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