Rating: 3.0

Very excited for new music from The Strokes.  While I find the percussion and guitars at odds during the verses, it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it did during the first listen.  There is a serious lack of cohesion that takes away from the song.  Casablancas' songwriting seems a bit lazy at times, as well.  With all that said, I like this song a little bit more each time I listen to it.  And the "Thunderstruck" inspired guitar bridge gains the group a half point.

Rating: 3.7

The guitar interplay between AHJ and Nick is classic with Julian giving his best crooning since "Someday." The chorus jumps to a falsetto "What's that you're standing on?" that, if looking at the narrative, is the response to a sideways glance. The Strokes dropped this on us and hopefully the past present future EP is just a taste of what is come.

Rating: 2.75

I like The Strokes the best when The Strokes sound like THE STROKES. About 45% of this song sounds like THE STOKES. It takes a minute to get going, but it's a decent effort from an old favorite band of mine.

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