Rating: 3.5

There's a time around high school graduation where this song resonates even though the perspective is extremely forward thinking. Then there's a time when you had expected to feel nostalgic for your childhood and these sentiments (that should) seem to be a fallacy. Then you move past it completely, have kids and see them start to become little people and you think about the new friends their making that will start the cycle again. I have little people running my life, and so this song resonates again.

Rating: 2.0

is it tbt cos of the reference to in-line skates? im a big fan of rose colored glasses and i didnt know that the guy(note there was only one guy) in five for fighting kept on making music.

Rating: 1.75

Earnest effort, and lyrically hits the mark it's shooting for. Soncially, it reminds me of a Ed Sheeran song. Vocally however, I think it should have been an Ed Sheeran song.