Rating: 3.0

The Lumineers have a new single out with the same title, on the verge of overplay...I'm just not a fan. (Aside rating: 1.5)  How much would it cost to convince SiriusXM to play this in its place from now until forever? I sing along, I bounce to the beat and close my eyes to fully take in the horns in the final third.

Rating: 3.89

Ive known of this Band forever, and I cannot say ive heard this song. Good song, sweet vibe.

Rating: 3.89

Arguably one of the best songs The Band ever created. I did a test this week - people ages 38, 30, 23, 22, 49, 35, 3 and 8 months ALL liked this song and some even started dancing to it. That's the power of Ophelia.

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