Rating: 3.0

So SWMRS is pronounced "Swimmers" to avoid any legal issues with a band named "Swimmers."  So I suggest the three of us start a band called TH RLLNG STNS or maybe LD ZPLN, perhaps we could just be IE...pronounced "Swimmers" just using vowels.  Okay enough on that.  I dig the energy in the track and think SWMRS are an album or two away from being part of a 90s rock rebirth.  There's a part of their music, like ode to Disney Alum "Miley" that reminds me of an early, rough Everclear...beautiful 90s rock inspired genius.

Rating: 2.5

Fine rock song with high energy. The vox were well placed and delivered. Nothing really moving though.

Rating: 1.03

Your band name needs more vowels and your music isn't my favorite, Swimmers. Here, I'll help - You get an "A" for effort, "I" (incomplete) for execution.

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