Rating: 2.5

It's a good tune.  Nothing in particular jumped out at me. (I had never heard it before) But it did interest me enough to dig deeper into The Morning Benders' catalog.  I dig  "Excuses" off the same album.  It has a throwback vibe I really dig.

Rating: 3.56

This band was the right amount of indie and pop that made the album big echo so damn very enjoyable. I like the swells for the chorus and the drop step verses. It's a shame they changed their band name (Pop Etc.), and switched to a more pop focus that just does not do the same for me.

Rating: 2.63

I saw the Morning Benders with a guy named "Pablo Kewelmann", a few years ago at IOTA in Virginia. That's is a story that I just made up. This song is fine. It reminds me of how much I used to like the band Rooney. Those were crazy times, man.

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