Rating: 2.5

There are very few bands that I loved in the 90s as much as Rage Against the Machine.  And when they made the transition to Audioslave, I fell in love all over again.  I love the sound of Prophets, but it's not another reinvention for the better, it's just a step back into RATM with different, yet familiar voices.  I come to the end of this song looking forward to hearing more, but immediately listening to this.

Rating: 2.5

Obvious comparisons aside, this song has a dated feel that reminds me of the Judgement Night Soundtrack from 1993. It was an interesting experiment taking alternative acts, like sonic youth and teenage fanclub and teaming them up with notable hip hop acts at the time like Onyx and House of Pain. In short I think hip hop and rock artists can learn alot from eachother and anytime they collaborate theyre stepping out of the their comfort zone and doing something unique. Sadly this already happened in 1993. Fine song that speaks to the certain state of our domestic landscape. Honestly why have the word "rage" in the song title or band...cmon.

Rating: 1.98

I first heard this song at a 1-year old's birthday party, and I was happy that her father was introducing her to a combined 35 years of musical talent. I'd like to hear more from this uber-conscious mega-group, but this entry into my ears just isn't doing it. What made each of these artists/bands so unique was their specific sound - when I hear Chuck D, I want it to be Public Enemy. When I hear Rage, I want it to be Rage. And when I hear B-Real, I want to smoke wee...wait, where was I? Nevermind.

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