Rating: 3.0

I've been hard at work over the past few years building a sound system that allows me to melt minds with delicious doses of magical music pressed onto the rock and roll currency commonly known as vinyl. Just over 7 minutes ago I had never heard of this...now, I am two short days away from melting minds, starting with my own.

Rating: 3.9

Beautiful and sad and everything else. Timelessness WITH killer guitar solo. This makes into my all time top song lock...of the week. Repeat 1 thank you Spotify.

Rating: 3.91

I've probably listened to this song more over the last two weeks, than any other, and I'm not sure why. At times, it's a whiny Neil Young tune, and at times, it's just a lazy Sunset Strip vibe. About 2 minutes in, you look and see that it's -holy crap - it's 7 minutes long?! Then it gets somewhat repetitive. ....Then it turns into a blues-y folk song. Then you wonder if the Stones wrote this same exact song in 1974. Then wait, there's a guitar solo, which uses exactly the right amount of time up and exactly the right pace for the song. And finally, towards the end, someone calls up Lindsay Buckingham's ghost from 1977's Rumor's sessions, and makes him give a guitar solo to save his soul. It's a great tapestry of sounds and I think it's one of my favorites... ALL THANKS TO THE DAILY SINGLE! Thanks guys. A solid 3.91.

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