Rating: 2.5

You're watching a RomDram centered around late teen/early 20 year olds from 1987.  After the leading man and leading lady get over their overly melodramatic hate for each other and find out their perfect for each other, there is a classic misunderstanding that sends our gal running for the hills, crying.  Cue the montage cutting between her moving on with her life and him walking through the pouring rain for 4 minutes.  That's where this song belongs.

Rating: 2.3

i figured it out. This dude sounds like Haim. If Haim were brothers.

Rating: 2.85

I like the song fine, but it's a "...Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac..." line away from dealing with Don Henley's lawyers. I'll listen to more Bear's Den though. Nice work, my favorite music blog site!

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