Rating: 3.0

I wasn't as big of a fan of "Wild Horses" when she was the artist formerly known as Bishop but then had to add the Briggs to avoid legal issues.  Then again, I wasn't a huge fan of this song the first time I heard it, but it has grown on me with each listen.  Excited to hear more from...and learn more about the mysterious girl allegedly from Bishopbriggs, Scotland.

Rating: 2.3

I cannot tell if this is more Hozier or AWOLNATION. Neither are ok in my book. The song falls into the category of overproduced yet minimal sound that is becoming popular for god knows what reason. Next.

Rating: 2.43

Rock me like a riv-ahhhh... welcome to the new age, to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age... I'M RADIOACTIVE, RADIOACTIVE..." ...sorry, what was that you were saying?

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