Rating: 3.0

The Foos are back, and they are coming heavy. I like it, but it runs a little longer than it needs to. As always, looking forward to the rest of the album and the second-to-close-to-none live performances.

Rating: 3.8

Heavy and poppy, and OMFG, that metal part!?! Foo Fighters have maintained the status of biggest rock band and this song shows no sign of them giving up the crown.

Rating: 2.32

Looking forward to hearing what the new Foo record sounds like. This first track, while as "Foo" as Foo can be, is a little disjointed for my years. (I wrote "ears" twice, mentally, but looked down at the keyboard and my brain typed "years", which tells you exactly how old I was when the first Foo record came out. ... I was in high school. Go Dave Grohl.