Rating: 2.5

There is something about this song that reminds me of Dashboard Confessional. Actually everything about this song reminds me of Dashboard Confessional.  If you add a little angsty emo and electric to Dashboard's wimpy emo and acoustic, you get this.

Rating: 3.8

The drums sound so crisp and precise. The ""Hotel Year," yes that is how you pronounce it, come back with an album of Goodness to follow up their acclaimed record, Home like noplace is there. The music is just as thoughtful as the images conjured up with the lyrics.

Rating: 2.89

I almost thought this was a throwback song. It sounds like it could have come out of an era where a more mature Dashboard Confessional plugged his/their guitars in and finally grew a pair. (I owned a few Dashboard albums. No judging here.)

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