Rating: 3.0

Am I suppose to get a hipster meets Grease feel?  Between the song and the music video, that is exactly what I'm getting.  I don't know if the sound is dynamic enough to fill a well-rounded album, but I'm certainly going to listen to more and find out.

Rating: 3.0

Garage rock with a bit of a cheeky chorus. I am a fan of the lo-fi attitude Angel Olsen is bringing. It's a bit of a one trick pony but it works.

Rating: 2.89

When we get these jams, I listen to all of them (*most, sorry Maxwell) and if I really like them, I save them onto another Spotify playlist. I'm saving this song onto that playlist. Cool jam. I dig the chord progression but then again, I also think Best Coasts' first album had amazing chord progressions too. I mean, what did they use... like 5 chords for the whole album? So... yea, jaaaaam.

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