Rating: 3.0

Most of Toad's catalogue is good enough to get my head moving in a 1/4 inch bop, or the faintest of taps of my feet for four minutes, but not distinct enough from the rest of their catalogue for me to undoubtedly know which song I'm listening to...although, fun fact alert: the bassist is in fact a young version of George Lucas who time warped into the 90s, see for yourself.

Rating: 2.9

This is the third Toad song I can say I have actively listened to and it more or less falls into the midtempo acoustic/electric rock they are known to do. I do like the line "again we meet in the spaces in between" as an interesting take on compromise and I guess to Glen (thats his name right?) eventually leads to something being wrong. always. side note. Just checked on the line. Dude's name IS Glenn.

Rating: 3.11

Probably one of the worst band names in history. Possibly one of the most depressing jangle-pop records ever made. And yet, a wonderful nostalgic look back at a time and a sound that would ultimately turn into alternative-adult contemporary music. And yes, that is a term I just coined. I think.

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