Rating: 2.5

Love, love, love this album. Picked it as my favorite of 2015. I like this track, but think it doesn't really exemplify what makes twentyone pilots so intriguing in the current landscape. It sits somewhere between the pop of "Tear in My Heart" and the more edgy "Lane Boy." A middling song off a great album is still pretty darn good. If you like this and want more, check out "Fairly Local."

Rating: 1.67

Gone is the angst of the 90s and the promises unfulfilled; 21Pilots have struck a chord(in an order that is not new) with millenials, their self-doubt, and the uncertainty of tomorrow. The band gets a participation trophy for this song.

Rating: 0.8

Nah, not my favorite. I've heard it on the radio, but wouldn't listen to it otherwise.

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