Rating: 2.5

The Blue Album, Pinkerton most of the Green Album and "Susanne" comprises an almost perfect era in music coming from a single artist.  While there are a few dope (nose) tracks to come out after, Weezer seems to keep fishin' to regain the sound of old...and this track proves they are a long way from finding that perfect situation.

Rating: 2.8

Any time Weezer comes out with a new record you wish for the days of their first two records, and the band insists that they have recaptured that magic. And then you hear it. And its just as trite as everything else Weezer has done since 2001. All that into account, it's still better than most of the other stuff that is called pop music. Had they included a Maldriot-esque guitar solo... it would've been a lot cooler if they did.

Rating: 2.93

I never really liked this song until I heard this. Good stuff.

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