Rating: 3.0

We lose points here for lack of originality and something about a raccoon face.  But for all of the same reasons laid out by Kædo K, The Pretty Reckless gets all the rest of the points.  The song and execution are pretty flawless, just recycled from other sure things and an obvious jump from the more metal niche they exploited. Can't blame them though, even Robert Rodriguez made Spy Kids.

Rating: 1.6

Part two of the Pretty Reckless here in TDS. Percussion and verse melodies contain some kinda sympathy for the stones. Wait the solo just kicked in...they know this was already written for beggars banquet right?

Rating: 1.0

Corny. Look, she can sing, they can play, someone (I'm assuming other than them) can write a textbook song, but the entire thing to me lacks authenticity. I do appreciate Taylor's Sheryl Crow impression here though.

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