Rating: 2.5

This is such a good song, but listening to it always makes me want to immediately listen to the Al Green version.  In the 90s, that was a difficult thing to do when it came on the radio.  In the 00s (aughts), I had Green's version on my iPod, so it was possible.  Nowadays, I have about six different ways to get that version within a few seconds.  That version is a 3.5  at least.  I give this slightly better than average as it is a gateway to the real drug.

Rating: 3.0

Fine dance song. Maybe if I were drunk I'dd have more to say. I dig the bass groove. Now I gotta go back to hear the Al Green version. Thanks guys.

Rating: 3.11

Out of nowhere, this song popped in my head the other day. I've never really loved this song, yet now I've played it 12-20 times. It's kind of like onions. I used to not like onions, red ones especially. Now? I love red onions. I could eat them raw, sometimes. This song is the red onion of the music world. Also, David Byrne.

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