Rating: 2.5

Sounds a lot like the early, early 90s rock that I grew up adoring.  However, this track has neither the addictive sing-along power of Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend (came out one month earlier) nor the grunge of Nirvana's Nevermind (came out two months earlier).  It is stuck in limbo: not quite raw enough, and certainly not polished.  Still a solid track.

Rating: 3.8

Not that lo-fi was invented with these Scots but they certainly took the mantle from Big Star and carried it into the 90s. Guitar solo just as sloppy as it is awesome. The outro is as bold a way to open up an album as anything seen by that time. Points on the harmonies too.

Rating: 2.22

I get Teenage Fanclub confused with Nada Surf sometimes. That's neither here nor there, and it defintely doesn't let you know what I think about this song, but you've read this far, so why not continue? Songs like this belong on Maxell 90 minute extended mixtapes, and played a high volumes driving away from a high school you never really had interest in anyways, as the sun sets and your eyes sting from the reflection of that bright orange ball in your rear-view mirror. College, man... you think to yourself. Now that's something to look forward to.

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