Rating: 2.5

There's really solid rock structure in this song and it provides lyrical content that is far from fluff, and overall it's a bit more catchy than most of the FR tracks I've heard. On a side note, I think we (the royal we, that is) have a problem...

Rating: 3.5

You always listen to the words and hope that you feel it more than the person writing it. for their own sake sometimes. sadly the lyricist for frightened rabbit had too much to carry.

Rating: 3.78

I was in LA when I heard of Scott's passing a few weeks before, in early May. KCSN plays stuff like this often, and I always loved the song and never caught (for whatever reason) the song or band name. Needless to say, did a deep dig and came away with this being a great sample of what the band (and the man) was and could have been.