Rating: 3.5

This is a great track from an iconic movie. My 14 year-old brain couldn't quite wrap itself around what was going on, so I'm pretty sure I watched it like five times and returned it to my local Blockbuster a few days late. For you kids out there, Blockbuster was like a brick and mortar Netflix. Red boxes meant you had it for 2-days, the rest were 3-day blue box rentals. Crazy, I know!

Rating: 3.8

Lou being lou. always great when a cover takes a song and reimagines it while maintaining the spirit. proves you dont have to make the song sound like the original. cos if that were the case go listen to the first one. unless its a bob dylan song, then the covers tend to sound better....

Rating: 2.31

Lost Highway was such a great sountrack. This song is exactly what you would expect so I back-tracked to THE PERFECT DRUG, which like seeing an old friend you forgot existed.