Rating: 2.5

Cage! the Elephant...oh wait, they're not doing the ! anymore? What? They never did the ! at all? Well, the energy and the edge is gone, so I just figured they would go and do the pop thing to their name. Maybe CAGETHEELEPHANT? Still enjoyable music, but nowhere near the raw energy of In One Ear, which I contest is one of the best songs of the last decade.

(Side note: "You know what they say, yeah/the wicked get no rest" is a lyric in this song.  No, they don't say that. You said that. You did.)

Rating: 2.7

I have been following Cage the Elephant for some time now. They have walked the line between pop and noise rock. They've come a long way from the same guys singing "no rest for the wicked" but im not sure if its for the better or just for their benefit

Rating: 2.0

There are better songs in the CtE catalogue. Good band, average track.

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