Rating: 3.0

Whether you are a teenager devastated by lost puppy love, or a happily married adult looking for a slow groovy jam to sip a cocktail in front of a crackling fall fire, Slow Club provides an appropriate soundtrack.  If you're in the right mood, this song is a big winner.

Rating: 3.5

Slow burning song that keeps you interested with sparse instrumentation and instrospective lyrics. Stick around for a guitar solo outtro that should have been mixed a little higher in the track.

Rating: 2.5

I don't hate this song. I don't love this song. Atmosphere is everything though - a late summer sunset, maybe a Corona, as you're pulling the 19' Criss Craft up to the dock, I'm down with this song. In the days before the clocks change and your sunrise is slightly post 7am, this song just wants to pull its covers up and hit snooze for another 8 minutes. All that said, solid effort SLOOOOOOOWCLUUUUUUUUBBBB.

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