Rating: 3.0

There is something about this song that I think I'm not a fan of.  But as I listen to it over and over, I can never seem to put my finger on it.  And with each listen I get more excited about it.  Is singalongable an established word? It's definitely singalongable.  Very solid song from a band that I look forward to watch in the coming years.

Rating: 3.0

Nothing bad to say about this song. It sounds fine. Good bassline reminds me of "Miss You" by the Stones. Otherwise, yeah I would not skip the track if it found it's way in a playlist or on the radio. Side note. Turns out a friend of mine knows David Shaw, the singer with the crazy hair. Hamilton, Ohio in the house!

Rating: 1.83

Thoughts: Oh shit, is this a "HEY-HO" clapalong?... wait, no, did Bruno Mars write this song? ...Whoa, horns? Unnecessary, but I get it... here's the big payoff of a chorus... wait, where is it? Back to the 2nd verse? Already? What the hell is this song?? My head hurts. I don't think I like this band.

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