Rating: 4.0

Petty was never overstated, never understated in his tunes. Simple, infectious melodies with lyrics that stuck. This is no exception. And the video, no surprise here, not overstated, not understated and unforgettable.

Rating: 3.8

Tom Petty's solo record of the 90s first single has a laid back feel, with memorable harmonica, melody, and great chorus.


I mean, it's a 4.0, so let's move on. Great other songs by Petty that you never hear anymore - "Last DJ" is such a GREAT track, as is "Walls - Circus". Yes, it's a little overly Beatles-y, but it's just a great TP&THBs track. When I heard of his passing, this is the song that I played about 50 bazillion times to cope. Good shit.