Rating: 3.0

There is no lack of derivative pop/rock jams these days and this is no different. I've heard this song before, and the lyrics are nothing special..."You and me / We are wild and we are free."  And while it might lack originality, there is no lack of energy and singalonginess (yep, I made that up) and I'm turning it up and not off at my next summer gathering.

Rating: 2.6

Interesting single discussing the feeling of predestiny with regards to being a rocker. Energy and passion aside, I found the song a bit trite and repetitive, though I would listen to their other work based on this jam.

Rating: 1.6

I made the mistake of watching the video for this, and not just listening to the track. It's a little too boy-band-y for me, in it's sound and feel. Also, the chord progression (are there any?) and lyrics are a little too simple to have any real impact.

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