Rating: 2.0

It is unique in the current musical landscape, and the songwriting cuts deeper than [insert any song on Top40 radio rotation at the moment]; however, it just doesn't compel me to add this to any playlist of buy the album. In the poetic, odd-voiced, folky octagon, I'm going with Waits over Cohen, ERRRRRRYDAY!

Rating: 3.2

When this TDS was selected Leonard Cohen was still alive. Strange how things can change so fast. Leonard's unique baritone with macabre story telling are front and center. I know the initial response will be to say its a rehash like the True Detective (Season 2) but this aint nothing new for anyone who is familiar with Cohen's work.

Rating: 2.5

A legend and a poet, and at times more spoken-word than singer, but I don't think I'll really ever find myself willingly putting on a LC record. Oh, he's incredible and an inspiration to many, many artists.

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