Rating: 0.0

Please make it stop. Unless you have a unique take on a song, please don't exploit the death of recent artists by remaking their songs to cash in. It's not an homage. It's not flattering. It's just trashy appropriation.In the day of Spotify, just listen to the real deal. (Shame on anyone who helped make this the #1 selling song in the Apple Store!)

Rating: 0.1916

i know a thing or two about covers, but this is entirely unncessary. unless this guy is commenting on the state of the IRA, the repurposing of the "2018" is tone deaf

Rating: 0.21

No. This song will never need to be covered, nor does this cover do any justice to the original. Are these guys Canadian? Also, NO NO NO to the 'November Rain'-style solo towards the end. NO.