Rating: 2.0

I loved me some RBF in the 90s, and after seeing them in concert just a short year ago, I still do. Although, I prefer the "Beer", "Sell Out" and "I Want Your Girlfriend"s of the world.

Rating: 3.4

oh 90s ska.... why didnt you stay longer? oh theres only so much you can do. right. that being said, RBF gave us a number of gems including all i want is more.

Rating: 2.11

I was roomates with a kid who LOVED RBF in college. Actually, I was roomates with the guy who played bass in the guy who LOVED RBF's band. That guy? He went on to become the frontman of Perpetual Groove. (True story). Another fun fact, before they settled on Perpetual Groove (a name I voted against), their original working band name was "Elephant House".