Rating: 1.0

I just don't get anything from this strangely produced song.  The melody is hypnotic and broken, the vocals are delivered without conviction and never quite takes off in any way; it seems to be lost without directions.  Self-admittedly, Ocean is still learning.

Rating: 2.1

The first few notes make me think of the Chi-lites "Have you seen her" afterwards the song goes into an auto-tune part that sets an interesting tone for the rest of Blonde the latest Frank Ocean album. There's alot going on in the song and Frank is addressing many issues in the song. I think the production takes away from the meaning.

Rating: 2.02

 I don't know what I'm expected to say here. It's a song that millenials will probably completely fawn over for the next week or so, as they seem to prematurely cannonize things they approve of these days (exhibit B...eyonce). It's not an R & B song, it's not a hip hop or rap song, it's not soul and it's not rock or pop. It's a series of words and sounds that try to come together more like an art piece than a constructed song and it's ... something.

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