Rating: 1.5

Deadmau5 has never been my favorite in this space. He was ahead of the curve and paved the way for a lot of the Top 40 "producers" we see dominate today. With that said, his personal branding is, was and will continue to be next level.

Rating: 2.3

omg that was 9min i will never get back. i remember before i heard that song and had i been asked what a lounge song sounds like i would have come close without having to go through this. will we hear this song at some rando hotspot with one syllable name and flavored mojitos on the menu with guys in beards, bowties and fedoras making them? prolly. maybe its that other song that sounds like it too.


The beginning of it all (for me anyways and) for Mr Mau5. Perfect tempo, good for testing out high end headphones.