Rating: 2.0

I must admit, Steely Dan isn't my idea of a good time. With that said, I can get down with this jam. The chill funk spine and intricacies coming from the keys and bass make for a song I'd crank when driving the back roads with the windows down.

Rating: 3.8

Funk song by Steely Dan. That later became a sample for Yeezy. Sweet guitar solo and amazing how this can still sound so fresh even 40years later

Rating: 3.99

Top 5 Steely Dan song. My personal top 5 Steely Dan tracks are as follows, in no particular order - Glamour Profession / Deacon Blues / Peg / Fez / Kid Charlemagne / Do It Again. (Sidenote: "Kid..." has one of my favorite Steely Dan callback lines - "Is there gas in the carrrrrrr? Yes there's gas in the carrrrrrrrrrrrr.....")