Rating: 3.0

As a deeper cut off of a late catalogue album, this track points back to No Doubt's ability to tap into the sound that made them famous, not just write music that is only slightly left of pop as an excuse to "get the band back together" and ride Gwen's solo wave of success. I'm hoping inbetween The Voice Seasons 340 and 341 she takes time to get the band back together.

Rating: 2.4

this was an extra song on the oft forgotten no doubt record written inbetween gewn stefani solo albums. Prolly coulda been call "hey guys eye OU1"

Rating: 2.85

I hear songs like this and I really, really wished Gwen never became a judge on a reality tv singing show because it (to me) taints her talents as one of the more unique voices in pop-rock of the early 21st century.