Rating: 4.0

It's all about perspective in this Dylan classic.  The guitar, the harmonica and the lyrics are not overly complicated, but sometimes it takes simplicity to drive home a fairly simple message. Dylan added a stanza on Vietnam in the 80s...I'm sure he has a few more in mind these days.

Rating: 4.0

I feel like Dylan could write several more verses to this song given our current state. Funny how protest songs can continue to have meaning well after the time that created it. No one says things like this anymore, maybe cos we are too afraid. I don't know.

Rating: 3.99

Like Dylan in the 60s, Lennon in the 70s and Public Enemy in the 80s, every once in a while I need to have an interjection of introspection. I believe our website is the only one that follows up a seminal, classic, iconic folk song from the civil rights era, with a popular song about ... well, just wait until tomorrow.

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