Rating: 3.0

On their upcoming seventh studio album WALLS, Caleb Followill said, "We’re trying to change people’s perception of [us]." This, the lead single, doesn't do much to achieve that goal, but certainly provides more of the same sound we've grown to love over the past two albums.  I'm hoping that was intentionally done to get radio play, and the rest of the album goes back several albums to the raw, less polished side of Kings.

Rating: 2.8

Oh how KOL love reverb on their guitars. For a debut single, "Waste a Moment"picks up where Mechanical Bull ended but it sounds like an extension of the same album vs something new.

Rating: 3.3

Death, taxes, and one member of this review board abolutely loooooooooooving new KOL music. And you know what? With good reason. This is a textbook KOL song, and it rocks. There's a reason 12 billion of us loved 75-85% of their previous efforts. It's good sh*t.

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